The CommittedGiving brand has grown from nothing to become one of the leading providers of online fundraising and associated services, practically all through personal recommendations and word of mouth. We are very proud of that fact. Why not get in touch and join the CommittedGiving family?

But, as in every family, we have had help from others. Some long standing partners include:

Claranet – leading provider of tailor-made, high availability IT managed services, a long established background in business continuity. Provides all our key server and IT infrastrucure

Secure Trading Ltd – delivers the most secure, reliable, fully PCI DSS compliant online payment processing to organisations worldwide. Has provided us with payment gateway services from day 1

Nurtural Ltd – Fundraising and Relations communications specialists with a pedigree of working with some of the biggest Not for Profits. Huge overlap in many areas, mutual Clients, ownership and objectives. Our main provider of our consultancy and support services

….  and finally – our Clients – your, ideas, your feedback, your criticism, your support – thank you!