April 2017 Update

For several years CommittedGiving has been a trading name of Phrasis KBDM Ltd, this dates back to those distant times when we first started to get involved with online fundraising and other digital services. But now those CommittedGiving branded services have become our core business offering and the emphasis and key to our future growth strategy. So the time is now right to officially recognise that position.

So with effect from 25 April 2017 Phrasis KBDM Ltd has become CommittedGiving Ltd.

Many of you already know us and deal with us as CommittedGiving, so in that case just ignore this and carry on as you are! But if you are one of the old guard then please update your records with immediate effect. Only the company name and email addresses are changing – nothing else. Contact details, names, addresses, phone numbers, etc  will not change: same great people, same great service!

You can continue to use existing email addresses for now: any “Phrasis-KBDM.co.uk” email addresses will be redirected and replaced over time.  Banking and account details remain as is. Contracts and Service level Agreements remain in force.

What we were

Amongst other things, Phrasis KBDM Ltd (PKL) was the parent and administrative arm of the CommittedGiving service. All contracts, licences, agreements and other things of a similar nature will probably have had PKL as the named partner. Don’t worry about any of that, it has no effect on the end result as far as CommittedGiving services are concerned.

Originally formed in 1996 as a classic direct marketing bureau, we quickly established ourself as a leading force in the UK name and address processing arena, with major Clients such as NatWest Bank, Orange Telecommunications, Coutts bank and many others entrusting us with their highly confidential and sensitive data. At our peak in the early 2000′s we were processing hundreds of millions of names and addresses every year.

However, that all changed, in early 2002 we were approached by Macmillan Cancer Support, who were looking into starting a direct debit donation service and were searching for a BACS bureau to manage this new service on their behalf. We pitched for that business and were successful in winning the contract, a new service was born, which quickly became branded as CommittedGiving. From that early beginning the CommittedGiving service has grown into a leading provider of direct debit and other digital services and now accounts for the lions share of the PKL business.

What we do

Just a very brief overview of the stuff that PKL does can be found on this page. See the other pages on this site for details of the various services we provide.

We are still a provider of bespoke system development, hosting and production services. For example not many people know that every week  we receive a full download of gigabytes of raw information from the Financial Conduct Authority containing details of every company and employee in the UK that is approved to offer any sort of financial service – from huge banks to one man advisors. All their personal information and what they can and cannot do – masses and masses of data.

Within very tight timescales we have to make sense of all that data, tidy it up and format it and get it ready for major subscribers to access. A huge undertaking and one that ably demonstrates our ability to handle large volumes of sensitive data, accurately, efficiently and securely.

And we still offer direct marketing name and address and data cleaning services. If you want a merge purge, or have your data cleaned against MPS, TPS, goneaways or deceased or have telephone numbers added then just get in touch for a competitive quote.

Other bits

It goes without saying that security and confidentiality is key to everything we do. You can download a brief overview of our major security arrangements here:
CommmittedGiving Security Overview v1.6

If you want to know more then just complete the form or give us a call, always happy to talk.

Ps. you don’t have to be a Not for Profit to benefit from our services.

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