It has been a while since our last update. This is not because there hasn’t been any worthwhile news, rather it’s because we have been so busy with new and improved products and services and welcoming new Clients that we just haven’t had time to spare. For example in the last month alone we have had four new Clients go live with us: (Click on the Client name to see an example of one of the services they are using).

Education Support Partnership
Ovarian Cancer Action
Henley Business School
Age UK

There were several more before that and another three going live shortly. So a steady pipeline of new business coming our way, and practically all of it by word of mouth recommendation.

The CGHub back office application continues to develop. We are now on version 2.8. Recent releases have included:

• a new suite of reports, charts and graphs,
• a much improved fundraising CMS service (allows our Clients to easily amend their donation pages or create any number of targeted appeal pages,
• cutdown HubLite and QuickCard versions to facilitate quick search and entry processes for phone based fundraising teams,
• enhanced API calls – making it easier to link systems,
• … and much more

Most development of this much admired product is led by our Clients – feedback and suggestions are encouraged. They know what they want and our job is to deliver it.

So, just a taster here. All being well we hope to get some more in-depth updates published soon. But, in the meantime, if you want to find out more about us or get a logon to explore the CGHub demo at your leisure, then just get in touch.

Always happy to talk!