Other Applications

These are additional adhoc, miscellaneous type functions, processes or services that can be activated whenever you want according to your particular needs.  By their very nature they will probably need some tailored development to meet your needs. But, once done they remain available for you to re-use and adapt as many times as you want, when you want.

The following examples are just a  starting point Additional examples will be added over the next few weeks, but hopefully these will already serve to demonstrate that there are no restrictions on what can be added to your service. And all the benefits mentioned elsewhere still apply – everything in one place, all under your control

Paying in pages

You have run an event or had a collection, now the money has been collected and can be paid in here. The supporter simply selects the event or reason for the payment, downloads Gift Aid forms where appropriate and makes the payment. Job done.



Becoming more and more common, you can define any number of triggers that perform a specified event when a particular trigger is met – eg: an email sent after three successful direct debit claims, or on the anniversary of a join date or birthday.

Raffles and lotteries

You want to sell raffle or lottery tickets online? Well now you can. Obviously you have to have the relevant licences from the Gambling Commission ) and have all the necessary processes and procedures in place, but assuming that is taken care of we can act as your agency and make it easy for your supporters to purchase tickets.


Supporter Access

Give your supporters a quick and easy way of keeping in touch and keeping their details up to date. A secure login and then they can leave a message, update their name, address, phone, email, preferences, interests and so on. Or maybe make a donation or upgrade their direct debit. Even participate in a closed forum or message board. Whatever you want, it can be done.

Silent auctions

You have your big Summer Ball coming up, as usual there are plenty of donated lots for your guests to bid on. But why restrict the bidding to just the attendees? Throw it open so that anyone (or just those who are invited) can participate. And there’s plenty more: special occasions, in memory, emergency appeals, weddings – you name it and it has either been done already or we will do it just for you.

Your success is our success.