About CommittedGiving

Our brand has grown from nothing to become one of the leading providers of online fundraising and associated services, practically all through personal recommendations and word of mouth.

We are very proud of that fact. Why not get in touch and join the CommittedGiving family?

CommittedGiving Ltd was formed in 1996 as a classic direct marketing data bureau offering name and address processing and data cleaning. In 2002 we were approached by Macmillan Cancer Support who wanted to set up and implement an online Direct Debit management service. This was successfully achieved and that single Client / single function service has grown and flourished into the CommittedGiving service of today.

Our service today is almost completely based around online fundraising and associated support services and products. Our Client base numbers more than 120 charities, galleries, universities and membership organisations with continuing steady and planned year on year growth, primarily by word of mouth recommendations. Client sizes and usage vary from those with hundreds of transactions per year through to those with hundreds of thousands. But put together they add up to a huge amount of secure processing, for example:

During 2016 we processed nearly 3.5 million transactions with a total value of over £23 million

Durng 2017 we processed over 3.8 million transactions with a total value of over £36 million

Durng 2018 we processed over 4.1 million transactions with a total value of over £39 million

2019 looks set to blow these out of the water!

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But, it is the future that really excites us. In July 2017 Mosaic Fulfilment Solutions took a 50% stake in CommittedGiving Ltd. Shortly after they took a stake in Telebank Ltd.  As a member of this group of companies the future is looking rosy for us - plus you and our Clients have the added peace of mind knowing that a we have the backing of a huge multi million pound turnover company behind us.  We were safe before but now even more secure and stable. This new partnership will undoubtedly flourish into a major, major player in the NfP sector. Watch this space and keep coming back for updates.

Mosiac Fulfilment Solutions http://www.mosaic-fs.co.uk/

Telebank Ltd  http://telebank-online.com

..  and finally - our Clients - your ideas, your feedback, your criticism, your support - thank you!


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