10 Sep 2020
Case Studies

Over the years we have helped many Clients move their existing service into our hosted and managed service. The reasons for this can be many and varied: perhaps the current service is being run internally and the required manpower, software, licences and time needed to ensure successful running is becoming prohibitive and expensive. Or maybe it is already being outsourced to a different external provider bureau and its just time for a change. Or it could be just that’s it has outgrown the original solution and now needs a completely new approach.

Whatever the reason we can provide the solution.

Orbis UK is a typical example.

Orbis UK CG

Early in 2020 they, along with their web design agency Electric Putty (EP), approached us as they were looking to implement a new website and were taking the opportunity to review their current online donation processes. Clearly they were impressed by our response to the enquiry as they commissioned us to work alongside EP to develop and implement the donation pages of their new website.

At the time their Direct Debit service was being managed by a third party bureau. So, in addition to hosting the donation pages we also put a plan together to organise the migration of their existing DD’s from the incumbent bureau to our proven and efficient managed bureau service. We dealt with the paperwork and liaised with all parties to ensure a smooth and on-time transfer with no break in claim schedules. Supporters were unaffected and didn’t even know that a change of bureau had taken place.

Their old credit / debit card processing function was cumbersome and inflexible. So that also had to be enhanced. We worked with our payment partner, Global Payments, to setup a new merchant account and gateway that was more suited to Orbis’s needs. Donations can now be processed online and offline and other options, such as PayPal, have been seamlessly integrated allowing for much better and customised reporting.

All of the services can now be managed and administered from one application: the CGHub. No longer does Orbis need to access several different systems in order to find out what has been going on. The improvements are extensive, and the icing on the cake is that charges across all aspects of the new services are less now than what Orbis were previously paying.

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Director and founder member of the company. Particular responsibility these days for day to management of the Company and Client and Supplier relationships. Most definitely not an IT person, “I’m really thankful to be surrounded by such a good team of geeks who do know what they are doing.”

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