For many years CommittedGiving was a trading name of Phrasis KBDM Ltd, this dates back to those distant times when we first started to get involved with online fundraising and other digital services. But the CommittedGiving branded services  became our core business offering and the emphasis and key to our future growth strategy. So the time was right to officially recognise that position.

So on 25 April 2017 Phrasis KBDM Ltd became CommittedGiving Ltd.


Peter Larsen Creator and Founding Director.

The first version of the CommittedGiving Direct Debit donation engine was created by Peter as a core module of a new membership database he developed for Greenpeace  UK. Having searched the  market for existing solutions to manage regular donation processing it was clear to him that NfP organisations keen to initiate their own committed giving fundraising programmes faced barriers to entry and no easy way to integrate DD management solutions with their own CRM technology.  

Along with the team at PKL (now CommittedGiving) Peter created the first affordable and flexible online DD payment solution designed to meet the needs of fundraisers across all their marketing channels. A partnership with the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations made promoting Direct Debits a viable option for many NfP’s for the very first time.

With awareness of the service growing throughout the sector CommittedGiving were asked by Macmillan Cancer Support to create a bespoke solution to support their first foray into DD fundraising; we worked with them successfully on that first campaign and still work with them all these years later.  

From the outset CommittedGiving was designed as an adaptive and flexible solution using new technology, and a process of continuous development keeps CommittedGiving at the forefront of online services for todays fundraisers.  

Peter has now left the team at CommittedGiving but remains one of our clients as part of his role as consultant to a number of NfP’s in the UK and overseas. We and our clients are indebted to his vision and determination to provide the charity sector with the best online fundraising solution available.   


What we were

Originally formed in 1996 as a classic direct marketing bureau, we quickly established ourself as a leading force in the UK name and address processing arena, with major Clients such as NatWest Bank, Orange Telecommunications, Coutts bank and many others entrusting us with their highly confidential and sensitive data. At our peak in the early 2000′s we were processing hundreds of millions of names and addresses every year.

However, that all changed, after successfully winning the  Macmillan Cancer Support business in 2002 the CommittedGiving service has grown into a leading provider of direct debit and other digital services and we no longer provide any worthwhile name and address proceessing services. 

What we do

But, we are still very much a provider of bespoke system development, hosting and production services. For example not many people know that every week  we receive a full download of gigabytes of raw information from the Financial Conduct Authority containing details of every company and employee in the UK that is approved to offer any sort of financial service – from huge banks to one man advisors. All their personal information and what they can and cannot do – masses and masses and masses of data.

Within very tight timescales we have to make sense of all that data, tidy it up and format it and get it ready for major subscribers across the world to access. A huge undertaking and one that ably demonstrates our ability to handle large volumes of sensitive data, accurately, efficiently and very securely. 

So, not just a provider of online fundraising - definitely not!  


Where we are

Physically, in lovely Kent, on the outskirts of Sittingbourne.  Surrounded by green fields and fertile farmland. The Kent Science Park is a perfect location towork and avoid the stress and hassle of long distance commuting.

More importantly though, we are still on the move, figuratively that is. As a company we are continuing to go from strength to strength. As partof the Mosaic Fulfilment Solutions group we are ideally placed to provide our Clients with everything needed to meet their supporters requirements. Whatever you need we, or our fellow group organisations can provide it - not only provide it, but seamlessly integrate and combine across the whole gamut of the supporter journey. 

Why not get in touch to talk about things 


Ps. you don’t have to be a Not for Profit to benefit from our services.

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