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11 Jan 2021
CommittedGiving Team

To welcome the new year, we have released our new website. There might be some tweaks and minor modifications to follow, but generally we are very pleased with how it looks and the information it provides. But what do you think? We would welcome your comments, feedback and criticisms, simply go to the ‘Contact us’ page and complete the form or send us an email.

To go with the new website we have decided that it is about time we restarted the publication of our regular newsletters, letting you know about what we have been up to, what our Clients have been doing and what our plans are for the future. So, while you are on the ‘Contact us’ page why not also sign up to receive regular updates in your mailbox.

You don’t need us to tell you what a horrible year 2020 was. But despite everything our services have continued to run throughout the year without major disruptions. Our Clients, everyone of them, have been magnificent – their enthusiasm and desire to keep things on course is to be applauded.

A horrible year it may have been, but also an exciting and productive one. We are ready for another busy year with many new ventures, products and services in the pipeline. So bring it on!

Make sure to come back often to keep abreast of what’s going on.

CommittedGiving Team
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CommittedGiving Team

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