Charity Credit/Debit Card Processing

Does your charity want to process credit & debit card payments?

This is easily provided for all donations, memberships, event bookings, sponsorships, raffle tickets, lottery entries & online shop transactions. Of course, everything is fully PCI compliant. Certificates, scans, SAQs and so on are available if you need them.


You have come to the right place.

We can provide a customised interface for any purpose you want. All you need is an appropriate internet merchant number. If you haven’t already got one, we can help you to get one through our partnerships with various acquirers.

The usual procedure is to link your merchant to one of our gateway partners, but if you already have a gateway, Worldpay or Stripe for example, then we will use yours instead. It’s not a problem.

Once you are set up, your supporters can make a payment via your website or you can enter paper or phone-based transactions directly through the CGHub virtual terminal. No need for expensive PDQ machines or other paraphernalia.

Charty Card Payment Processing
popular online payment options committedgiving

Popular online payment platforms

How about PayPal? Easy! We don’t just send your supporters off to PayPal to be forgotten about, oh no – clever use of direct API calls ensure that you have all the details of who has given, whatever the method, at your fingertips. Everything is in one place for easy and efficient reporting and reconciliation.

It's the same with Apple Pay - quick and easy integration. One click donation right from your mobile.

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Phone payments

And finally, for those Clients who take a lot of payments over the phone, we have a special product just for you: Quickcard – it does what it says on the tin; a quick and simple, permanently available, online card entry application.

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Need to make a refund back to the card? Want to offer multiple currencies, Euro for example or US dollar or Thai Baht? One off payments or recurring? We've said it once and say it again – it’s not a problem.

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