Charity Data Management

We make no secret of the fact that data is king!


Your charity's data is safe with us

The quality, the amount and the relevance of data are all major factors in everything we do. Neither do we forget that it is you data either, not ours. We take care of it, make sure it doesn’t stray, keep it safe, take copies, make backups, encrypt and protect it. You can rest assured that your data is safe with us.

We also remember our background in charity data management and charity direct marketing. Addresses, for example, are captured using the latest formatting and verification methods and saved according to PAF standard. Names are available in long form, i.e., “Mr John Smith” and also split into individual elements: Title, Forename, Initials, Surname, Qualifications. Salutations are derived or can be overwritten. Proper casing is applied to all name and address items. You certainly won't get any complaints from your supporters about the way you address them.

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Charity Data Management

Cleaning & tracing tools

We offer various cleaning and tracing tools to keep your data in tip-top quality; these include:


You can flag goneaways, saving you a fortune in reduced postage costs


Having identified a goneaway, why not try to trace them! Don’t lose track of your supporters

Mailing Preference Service

Make sure you don’t mail those supporters or prospects who have asked not to be contacted this way

Telephone number

Find a phone number so you can call or text your supporters with your good news

Telephone Preference Service

But definitely don’t call those who don’t want to be phoned


Those who are no longer with us must be indentified

Flexible contracts, no commitments

And if you are not sure whether or not these cleaning services are for you or if they are going to be cost effective, then we will just run a free audit for you so you know exactly what you will get and how much it will cost BEFORE you say yes.

Finally, we are still providing direct marketing bureau services after all these years. So, if you have a mailing you want to get out or some lists you want to clean or dedupe just get in touch for a FREE no obligation quote.

Charity Data Management Service

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