Custom Charity Fundraising Pages

Do you want your charity fundraising web pages to look and work how you want them to?

Well, look no further. We specialise in making your fundraising pages work for you and fit in with your requirements. We don’t impose any restrictions or rules apart from ensuring that industry and regulatory standards, for example, Direct Debit sign-up rules are strict - we make sure you don’t fall foul of these.


Requirements fulfilled

Your pages, your designs.

We can provide off the shelf templates or plug-ins which can be adapted and customised to match your corporate look and feel. Or you can give us your own designs, we can work with your web agency and implement their designs, or we can introduce you to some of the many web agencies we work with. The choice is yours.

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Custom Fundraising Pages for Charities
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Flexible hosting options

Customised public facing DD signup and card payment and donation webpages are usually hosted by us, although a few Clients host internally and access our services via API calls.

Friendly Customer Support

Fully responsive across all devices

All webpages we provide and / or host are fully responsive, i.e. work as well on either desktop or mobile devices.

High Performance Software

Complete customisation

Add extra fields, customise your contact preferences, ask questions, single step or multi step, fixed price points or variable, single gifts or regular gifts, or both. Whatever you want, how you want.

Additional features


Comprehensive and optional validations and verifications. Address lookups to PAF standard, bank account validations, credit/debit card separation.

Master templates

Front end fundraising or donation webpages consist of master template(s) on which you can base any number of similar looking dynamically generated ‘mirror’ pages. Admin users control who can do this.

Monitor specific appeals

The ability to bypass landing pages driven by specific appeals.

Easily editable

Ability to edit images, text, colours, price points, preferences, etc by means of pre-defined ‘Content Blocks’.

Controlled data management

All data saved with appropriate codes, e.g. linked to an appeal.

Automatic user emails

Automated and personalised acknowledgement and thank you emails – different emails for different appeals.

Analytics tracked

Google or other analytics embedded as required

Appeal pages

Create any number of appeal pages based on your master pages and change images, text or price points whenever you want.


After implementation why not try experimenting, maybe A/B split testing or bypassing landing pages, or trying different thank you approaches or maybe a quick survey. All is possible.

We keep saying it - but all of this, and much more, is managed by you within the CGHub.

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