Custom Fundraising Pages

You want your online pages to look and work how you want them to? Well, look no further.

Need to get this first part out of the way.  Strictly speaking we are not web designers.  We can and do, of course, create fundraising pages that have the same look and feel of your website, but if you want radical design or content you are better off using one the agencies out there who specialise in designing cracking web pages. Actually, you probably already use one, if you don’t we can put you in touch with some that we have worked with and can recommend.

Either way, what we specialise in is making the fundraising pages work for you and fit in with your requirements. We don’t impose any restrictions or rules apart from ensuring that the contents meet industry and regulatory standards, for example direct debit sign up processes are strictly maintained: we will make sure you don’t fall foul of these.

Customised public facing DD signup and card payment and donation webpages are usually hosted by us, although a few Clients host internally and access our services via API calls. All webpages we provide and / or host (apart from a handful of very old pages that have not yet been updated or replaced) are fully responsive, i.e. work as well on either desktop or mobile devices.  We do not impose any restrictions onto the webpages look and feel other than ensuring they meet legal or regulatory guidelines. They can be as customised as you wish in order to keep the supporter journey as streamlined and easy as possible. We are quite happy to be completely invisible, e.g. by using URL sub-domains, so that your supporters have no need to know that a third party is involved. 

Public facing fundraising or donation webpages consist of master template(s) on which you can base any number of similar looking ‘mirror’ pages. These can be used in any way you wish, for unique appeals, A/B testing, etc - you have full control. Other standard functions include:

  • Address lookups to PAF standard
  • Ability to adapt and customise master template pages to create any number of personalised appeal pages
  • Ability to bypass landing page driven by specific appeal
  • Ability to edit images, text, colours, price points, preferences, etc by means of pre-defined ‘Content Blocks’
  • All data saved with appropriate codes, e.g. linked to an appeal
  • Automated and personalised acknowledgement and thank you emails – different emails for different appeals
  • Google or other analytics embedded as required

Keep saying it - all of this, and much more, is managed by you within the CGHub.

Complete flexibility reigns. Your choice. Some further examples will follow soon