Direct Debit Management

Secure and safe with certificates to prove it.

Online, over the phone or in the post - now all in one place.


We are an approved BACS bureau, so no worries there!

But if you want to use our Direct Debit services you have to be in possession of your own Service User Number (SUN). That applies whether we are providing a fully managed service or simply hosting an online capture service for import into your in-house system. That's just the way it is.

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Don't own an SUN? We can help!

If you haven’t got a SUN we will, of course, help you all the way with your application. For example, we will complete your application forms for you, give you templates to use for your mandate, welcome letter, call scripts and advance notifications. Everything you need - all part of the service.

Fully managed

Actually, most clients opt for our fully managed bureau service. That means your supporters can sign up for a new Direct Debit online, or you can enter one from a paper mandate or over the phone directly into the CGHub. We then do the rest - the Direct Debit will be lodged with BACS, claims will be submitted, history maintained, exceptions and unpaids flagged. You can edit the Direct Debit, cancel it, suspend it, change the amount, schedule a change for sometime in the future and much more – all in one place on the CGHub.

About Committed Giving
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Charity donation received from SaveTheZebras - £300.00

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Auto Response sent to SaveTheZebras - 'Thank you'

Unlimited capabilities

There is no restriction on claim dates; you get a daily emailed summary directly into your in-box, and comprehensive set of extracts and reports covering all common requirements are available, as are custom exports should you need to import to an in-house CRM (or if your CRM allows, direct API calls to cut out the middleman).

All you need to do is manage the supporter relationship, and we even give you the tools to do that. It really couldn’t be easier.

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