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Our online Direct Debits are part of our CGDonate service, giving your charity all the flexibility and control you need

We are charity experts in online donation services, and we know that many charities that have their own Service User Number just want an online Direct Debit platform that works how they want it to, that is on brand and that presents no data headaches.


Online creation is a breeze

We will work with you to create an online Direct Debit page for your main donation page or for your appeal (or both!) These pages will be designed in your brand, with all email acknowledgements in your tone of voice.

Our quick and easy setup process simply involves an initial discussion between us to ensure we fully understand your brand and your tone-of-voice preferences. This information will then be used to create a tailored solution for you, one which reflects our years of expertise in the not-for-profit sector. The result: an online Direct Debit and donation page that we know you will be proud to show on your charity’s website.

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Examples of donation giving pages we have created through our CGDonate service

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"Most important for us was avoiding any impact on our supporters. The change was seamless, and anyone coming to our website to sign up for a Direct Debit has a quick, easy and secure experience. And for our internal teams, CommittedGiving has ensured that data extraction and reporting are just as easy, so we can access what we need, precisely when we need it."

Ricky Kealey, Digital Manager - Worldwide Cancer Research

You process your Direct Debits, or we can do it for you – the choice is yours

We often talk about how our services have choice and flexibility built in, and our online Direct Debit product illustrates this nicely.

If you want to continue processing your Direct Debits yourself then no problem - we will provide you with an amazing online Direct Debit platform that will help you gain more regular supporters, leaving you to process them yourselves if you want to. The choice on level of service you need is yours.

There are several reasons your charity should in fact consider our full Direct Debit service but there is never any sales pressure from us for you to do so – we can provide a full or partial service to suit you, whether that is setting up your online Direct Debit platform, and have us process your online Direct Debits for you, or you can do this part yourselves – it really is up to you.

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Communicate CG

"Setting up your online Direct Debits and donation pages should be simple and painless. Our online Direct Debit and CGDonate service is designed to achieve exactly this – after our quick consultation process, let us do the rest. The result? An online Direct Debit and donation page which looks great, designed in your brand, with email acknowledgments in your tone of voice."

Mat Harris, Director - CommittedGiving

Data and Security

All data is accessed in real-time via our user friendly CGHub, allowing you easy access to view, report, and extract supporter Direct Debit data in one simple platform.

Our setup process is also simple, initially involving setting up a file download to import into your charity’s CRM system in a working format. We can also work with you to integrate via API if you prefer, so there are less touchpoints in the data exchanges.

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It all starts with a conversation...

We love to help, and we’re definitely not into the hard sell. So, drop us a line or give us a call 01795 608174 with any questions, to ask for a quote, or just to find out more.

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Nowadays, outside of work, enjoys travel and eating out, preferably combining both and also the company of his gorgeous grandkids. Oh, and also is a life long supporter of Gillingham Football Club, but hasn’t allowed that to adversely affect his life.

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A star developer working mainly on the Hub. Completed her MSc Information Technology Management for Business following her BSc at Greenwich University in 2012 and joined us in January 2013. “I really enjoy being part of the team as we all help and support one another but can still enjoy each other’s sense of humour (well those who have got one).”

Interested in loads of things, including reading, dancing, swimming and tri-athalons.

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