Gift Aid Capture

Gift Aid - A Staggering £560 million of funds go unclaimed every year!

Is your charity missing out?


There are many reasons why supporters don’t sign up for Gift Aid, from not understanding how it works, to fearing they will be charged for it, not knowing how it will affect their tax position, and worrying about a potential deluge of emails once they’ve signed up for it.

Our solution

Introducing CG Gift Aid Capture - we’ve made it easy for charities to claim eligible Gift Aid donations that may otherwise have been missed. Your supporters can now verify whether they are Gift Aid eligible or not.

Let supporters verify whether they are Gift Aid eligible or not.

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As simple as 1-2-3

To help you build your supporters’ confidence about Gift Aid, our process has been designed to be as easy as counting to three! We will set up your online Gift Aid capture page, provide secure donor verification, and make sure all communications to your supporters are just right.

Your brand, your supporters

As with all of our services, we firmly believe that your brand is the only one that counts, not ours nor any other third party. Your brand is recognised and trusted by your supporters, it’s the only one they will see, throughout every step of the Gift Aid process. Once this is in place, Gift Aid confirmations increase.

More than just GiftAid!

As well as helping you collect an extra 25% on eligible donations, with data accuracy critical for supporter confidence we also capture contact details, so you can keep your CRM up to date with any address changes.

Communications by email

Gift Aid communications are usually sent out quickly and efficiently to supporters by email through CG Gift Aid Capture. But we can also send letters by post if you prefer, so talk to us if you’re interested in running a test or bulk send this way.

Already a Committed Giving charity client?

Like all of our services, CG Gift Aid Capture forms part of our CgHUB platform CRM for Charities - The Committed Giving Hub. For more information, speak to your Account Manager or key account contact.

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