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Putting your Supporters first

Here at Committed Giving we’ve partnered with some amazing digital agencies over the past 15 years to really understand what works (and what doesn’t!) when it comes to donation pages.

Our expertise means we know how to structure a donation page to make it the best possible experience for your supporters and increase donation conversion.

Charity CRM System

A flexible approach to donation pages

Our experience and proven formats mean we can set up donation pages quickly and easily whenever you need them.

But we also understand that some charities and appeals require a different and more flexible approach to ensure maximum impact and sign-up. Whether you need a general website giving page, a specific campaign-led ask, or an emergency appeal, we’ll create a fully supported donation page that’s right for your cause.

CommittedGiving Hub - Best Charity CRM System

Some of our recent donation pages

We have a host of great looking donation pages, and these are just a few. Do get in touch and we will be happy to expand on different projects that meet your objectives.

Removing the stress with all types of payment options

We started life as a Payment Service Provider, which means we have over 20 years of experience in card and Direct Debit payments.

Over this time, we’ve created a wide range of payment gateways ,while also including PayPal, GooglePay and ApplePay. All these are managed through one platform, CgHub.

We also offer multi-currency options and can easily apply recurring card authorities. Simply tell our Payment expert what you need, and we’ll take it from there.

See what we can integrate with

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Charity CRM System

The donation is just the start

Our expertise will help you optimise and enhance your giving page(s) to make donating fast and easy for supporters. But it doesn’t have to stop there, we can help you strengthen your supporter journey.

Whether it’s your ‘thank you’ page, personalised emails, social or YouTube links, we can work with you to review and improve every step connected to your online giving process to further engage supporters with your cause now and into the future.

CommittedGiving Hub - Best Charity CRM System

Your data, your way

Whatever you want to know about your donation flow or individual giving behaviours and trends, our system’s flexibility enables you to add the fields you need for valuable analysis and supporter insight.

What’s more, processed data can be easily integrated into your CRM system, making fully compliant data capture, campaign insight and reconciliation a breeze!

Charity CRM System


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Only your charity’s brand is visible, from URL to donation flow. We support you every step of the way… from behind the scenes.

And to keep things simple for supporters, we won’t add a ‘cover fee’ option unless you want one.

Friendly Customer Support


Based on extensive knowledge and insight for improved donation conversion, we advise ways to adapt and improve your donation page(s) to help every campaign succeed.

High Performance Software


You can be certain your page is designed using proven technique. Our personal and collaborative working practices ensure all requests are discussed with honesty to deliver a donation page that you’re proud of, and ultimately works for your supporters.

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