Optional Modules

The CGHub is a modular design.

You can add these optional extra modules and tools whenever you want: e-commerce, event booking, membership schemes, sponsorship - and many more. You only need to ask!


Quick, effective and efficient

So, you can accept donations online, a card gift or a regular Direct Debit - but what if you want to maximise your fundraising options by introducing a membership scheme, or allowing your supporters to sponsor a particular beneficiary of your charity? Perhaps you are arranging an event, or have some spaces for the London Marathon you wish to fill. Or maybe you have a stock of ideal gifts and need an online shop so that your supporters can easily buy them.

Well, now you can have all these services, all in one place, all managed within the same back office Hub, all with your custom look and feel and everything on the one database. You can add these modules whenever you want. Only thing you need to bear in mind is that you must be using either the Direct Debit or card processing service (or both) in order to activate any of these core modules.

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