Other Applications

Additional ad hoc, miscellaneous functions, processes & services

These can be activated whenever you want according to your particular needs.


Fully customised to meet your every need

Naturally, any extras will most likely need some tailored development to meet your needs. But, once done, they will remain available for you to re-use and adapt as many times as you want, whenever you want.

The following examples are just a small selection, but will hopefully serve to demonstrate that there are no restrictions to what can be added to your service. Just ask!

And all the benefits mentioned elsewhere still apply – everything in one place, all under your control.

About Committed Giving

Extensive capabilities

You want something a little non-standard? Maybe an application your in-house call handlers can use to take donations quickly or to set up a Direct Debit over the phone. Then use our CGQuickPay application. Does exactly what it says on the tin.

Or maybe a service that goes one step further. One that seamlessly connects to your fulfilment house in real time, so your welcome packs or merchandise get despatched immediately – no messing about! Take a look at our CGConnect or CGResponse applications.

Then what about detailed campaign analysis and reporting? Attrition rates, take-ups, cancellations, ROI, automated scheduled reporting, tailored graphs and charts. CGStats delivers all that.

Or how about a complete bespoke development? One that is unique to you and meets your specific needs and requirements. Our team can do that, one example being our CGEquine application.

So, whatever you want you can get. Ask for a free demo.

About Committed Giving

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