The CG Hub - Charity CRM System

The CRM For Charities - a continuously evolving, state of the art charity CRM system

A secure, web-based CRM for charities that contains absolutely everything you need to manage your fundraising and associated activities. We build and manage all our own software - you will not find the CGHub resold or anywhere else.


Fully scalable

From half a dozen records to half a million (or more)

You choose how you use it, what you use it for and who can use it. It can be a simple data capture tool or an all-encompassing CRM, on a par with leading systems costing ten times as much.

So why pay for functions and processes you don’t use?

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Charity CRM System

It looks good as well!

The first thing you see after logging in is a comprehensive dashboard giving you real time usage and performance statistics.

This sets the scene

From the dashboard you can move quickly around to using intuitive ‘click and go’ navigation. Pages are clear, free of jargon and easy to read.

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CommittedGiving Hub - Best Charity CRM System
no technical knowledge committedgiving

No technical knowledge

You do not need to be a techie nerd to find your way around and you don’t need a lengthy and expensive training course to get up and running. Nine times out of ten you will be productive within a couple of hours - the tenth person may need an extra 30 minutes.

Friendly Customer Support

Full control at your fingertips

Once implemented and fully operational you have full control. You do not need to come to us for anything, but if you do want to raise a query or need some help, a simple to use ticket service ensures your query is quickly resolved.

High Performance Software

Easily managed at every level

Your admin level users can manage everything: set up new campaigns or appeals, manage your users, your email contents and recipients, create a new form or new fields – everything.

The Hub does a lot

For example; some of the basic functions within
the entry level version include:

Supporter Admin

Add or edit supporter details, obviously the usual name and address, but also preferences, interests, relationships, other addresses and much more.

Comprehensive list of pre-defined extracts

Whatever you want to extract, someone has already asked for it and we thought that it was a good idea – so now it's available for everyone.

Letter management

Set up any number of letter templates and send your supporter a personalised letter and record the fact you have sent it.

Financial Processing

Needless to say all types included: direct debit, cards, cash, standing orders, pledges, etc, etc. All with the sort of reporting and reconciliations you would expect.


Doesn’t matter how hard you try, pesky duplicates crop up. No problem, just merge them into one.

Custom query builder

If your extract is unique to you, then create it yourself. An easy-to-use query builder at your fingertips.


A comprehensive and detailed audit is maintained of everything that goes on. Who added a record, who changed it, when and what – everything!

File transfer

Upload your files, reports and data. A secure and safe way to share and distribute information amongst your fellow users.

Gift Aid

Detailed recording and calculation of Gift Aid status values. Tools to prepare your claim or we can claim for you. A full history of everything gift Aid related.

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Nigel Harris

Director & Founder

Director and founder member of the company. Particular responsibility these days for day to management of the Company and Client and Supplier relationships. Most definitely not an IT person, “I’m really thankful to be surrounded by such a good team of geeks who do know what they are doing.”

Nowadays, outside of work, enjoys travel and eating out, preferably combining both and also the company of his gorgeous grandkids. Oh, and also is a life long supporter of Gillingham Football Club, but hasn’t allowed that to adversely affect his life.

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Hannah Trott


A star developer working mainly on the Hub. Completed her MSc Information Technology Management for Business following her BSc at Greenwich University in 2012 and joined us in January 2013. “I really enjoy being part of the team as we all help and support one another but can still enjoy each other’s sense of humour (well those who have got one).”

Interested in loads of things, including reading, dancing, swimming and tri-athalons.

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